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G.M. Cruise's Big Week

GM is in the midst of a big week unveiling their autonomous vehicles.

This could be GM's biggest week ever in regards to its self-driving initiatives. On Wednesday, they unveiled battery powered autonomous Chevrolet Bolts to a select group of media outlets. On Thursday, investment analysts will have the opportunity to test out the vehicles.

We have compiled a list of experiences to share with our readers:

As you can read, the rides were not perfect but there were no major incidents and the driver's involvement was incredibly limited. It appears that, other than Waymo, no company seems to be further along when it comes to getting fully autonomous vehicles on the road than GM. 

Today the interesting piece will be to see what GM's stock price does as the investment analysts have a chance to view the future of the company. As of the time this article was published the stock (GM) was at $43.81. No matter what the stock does in the short term, it is clear driverless vehicles are a big part of the future for GM. 

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