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GM Assembles Autonomous Vehicles in Mass Production Facility

General Motors Co and CEO Mary Barra, announced it has built 130 self-driving Chevrolet Bolt EVs at its Orion Assembly Plant here, test vehicles it plans to deploy in Metro Detroit, San Francisco and Scottsdale, Arizona.

“Production of these vehicles began in January, making GM the first — and to this date — the only automotive company to assemble self-driving vehicles in a mass-production facility,”
- Barra said.

The vehicles are equipped with next-generation technology including lidar, cameras, more than 40 sensors and other hardware. A few of the self-driving Bolt EVs are on the road in San Francisco. A quick search of Twitter (and YouTube) and you can find many comments and videos about these vehicles already on the road in San Francisco.

GM remains one to watch as it progresses its driverless technology.

Image credit: Jeffrey Sauger via General Motors


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