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Google Reportedly Launching Driverless Service Next Month Under New Name

Bloomberg is reporting that sometime in early December will be the long awaited launch of Google's commercial driverless car service. This service may be launched under a new, undisclosed name other than the entity it now sits under, Waymo.

It appears that Google will continue to very slowly and methodically roll out the service. The launch does not appear to open the service to those beyond the Phoenix, Arizona area.  Nonetheless, this is a major step in what will likely become a fast growing service. 

For us at Driverless Ratings, this launch will finally allow us to do what we do best - get reviews and ratings from real, everyday riders of vehicles with driverless technology. With Waymo, we have long attempted to get reviews of those who have rode in their vehicles, but most often we were told that they had a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place so they could not discuss their experience.  This was a common response we'd receive:

With this service, the non-disclosure agreements will be removed and customers will be free to disclose all of the details of their rides. We are incredibly excited for the launch of this service and look forward to bringing you a Waymo profile page soon (which may have a new name by then).

If you have had a chance to ride in a Waymo vehicle and your NDA is no longer applicable, or if you ride in one under the new service in a few weeks, we'd love to hear about your experience here: https://driverlessratings.com/review.


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