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Other Winners in Driverless Car Race?

Bloomberg recently had an article about some other companies which could be winners as the driverless future continues full speed. In the article titled Go Long Chicken Wings If You're Bullish on Driverless Cars, they make predictions that the real winners, beyond Google and the car manufacturers are those companies who would benefit from everyones increased down time.

They write:

When analysts at Morgan Stanley were trying to handicap the driverless car race, their thoughts kept turning to chicken wings. And the Disney film “Frozen.” And beer.

Strange? Actually, it makes a certain kind of sense. The analysts concluded that it’s a fool’s errand to try to call at this point which tech outfits or automakers are on the road to building the best, most profitable autonomous models. Better to focus on the activities -- and the companies selling them -- that will fill our time when we’re hanging out in cars with no steering wheels to grip. Which is where the bank’s investment picks on snacking (Buffalo Wild Wings Inc.), movie-watching (Walt Disney Co.) and brews (Constellation Brands Inc.) come in.

Who do you think will be some other winners?

Image credit: Photo by Brandon Morgan on Unsplash


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