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REVIEW: A Few Minor Issues, but Good Ratings for 2017 Model S

Today's featured review gave the 2017 Tesla Model S high marks over multiple trips in Sacramento, California.

Overall here were the ratings:

How Safe I Felt: 4.5 Stars 
Reliability: 4.5 Stars 
Ease of Use: 5 Stars 
I'd Recommend this Car to Family or Friends: 5 Stars 
Overall Experience: 5 Stars

As you can see, very high ratings overall but not perfect scores on reliability and safetly. The featured reviewer elaborated on some challenges he faces:

City: Minor issues while crossing through intersections and staying a little too close to curbs or one line than I would prefer. Freeway: Going over the crest of steep hills, the vehicle sometimes lose sight of the lines. When it does, it tends to veer left or right, rather than stay on a straight path. It also will not steer away from items or small obstacles in the road, as far as I can tell.

In summary the reviewer wrote:

I LOVE Tesla autopilot. I use it every chance I get. The over air updates have improved every time. There are minor tweaks and alterations that would be nice, but I am excited for higher integrations od autonomy, and I trust the present version for safety and reliability with 95% confidence (at 100%, I could sleep while it drives)

Hopefully he doesn't fall asleep yet but kudos to Tesla for a great experience for today's featured review.

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Image credit: Tesla Motors


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