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REVIEW: Rent a Tesla, Try out Autopilot

​Though more affordable than a Model S which starts at about $70,000, a Tesla Model 3 can still run close to $50,000 depending on the features you include. That is a lot of money and out of reach for many. Our featured reviewer today found a much more affordable way to test out the new Model 3 and its Autopilot capabilities.

This reviewer found his Model 3 on Turo.com. Turo is the AirBnB of cars where owners can list their vehicles and people can rent them for a certain duration of time for a fee. A quick search on there found about 20 results in the Chicago area to rent a Tesla (mostly Model X and S, but also one Model 3). The prices ranged from $105 a day all the way up to $699 per day. ~$100/day seems very reasonable to ride in a Tesla Model S. 

Now let's jump into the reviewer's experience. His drive took place in February 2018 in Provo, Utah. This was his overall summary:

My experience was awesome. I absolutely loved using autopilot, especially in heavy traffic.

He did mention some minor frustrations he had with Autopilot:

Autopilot worked as advertised for the most part, but sometimes it wouldn’t change lanes for me when it was clear.

Overall he gave great ratings for the 2017 Model 3, with his one non 5 rating being for Reliability:

How Safe I Felt: 5 Stars 
Reliability: 4 Stars 
Ease of Use: 5 Stars 
I'd Recommend this Car to Family or Friends: 5 Stars 
Overall Experience: 5 Stars

Thanks to this reviewer for providing details of his rented Tesla. Sounds like a great, (and very affordable!) experience. 

You may have noticed we have had numerous Tesla reviews recently. This is in preparation for the launch of our first profile page, Tesla, which will soon be live. Here we will compile all ratings and provide more thorough information on the brand itself. Check back soon to see our very first profile page!

Image Credit: Tesla Motors


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