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REVIEW: Strong Ratings For Tesla on a Tough Day for the Company

Tesla has had a tough day. It's stock dropped almost 10% and it is also under investigation for a deadly vehicle accident in California. More details to come on this story as not many details are available yet.

We are close to releasing our Tesla profile page and the overall results look promising for Tesla. Their overall ratings on the reviews we have received have largely been positive. More on this in the coming weeks.  

The featured review today comes from a driver in Switzerland. His vehicle was a 2015 Model S.  

Overall, he gave the vehicle very strong ratings:

How Safe I Felt: 5 Stars 
Reliability: 5 Stars 
Ease of Use: 5 Stars 
I'd Recommend this Car to Family or Friends: 5 Stars 
Overall Experience: 5 Stars

The reviewer then went into his new found enjoyment for long trips because of the Autopilot functionality. He stated:

I always enjoy longer drives with a chance to extensively use the autopilot.

When asked about problems experienced, he stated:

No, everything as expected.

Stay tuned for our Tesla profile page and complied ratings coming soon!

Image credit: Tesla Motors


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