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REVIEW: Tesla Autopilot 'Dangerous Disaster' says One Owner

We always will strive to be an unbiased source of information when it comes to driverless vehicles. We have featured many reviews from Tesla owners who love to utilize their Autopilot and have had great experiences. Today we feature a review where the owner not only gives Autopilot a poor review, but he warns of the dangers associated with it.

Though it is merely a coincidence, this review comes at a time when Tesla is under immense scrutiny for it's Autopilot system due to a crash involving an emergency vehicle. The accident happened outside of Los Angeles, California. A Tesla driver who allegedly had his Autopilot engaged crashed into a fire truck, which was parked on the side of the road helping another driver. 

This is definitely a dangerous situation and it will be interesting to see how Tesla responds. For now, back to today's review.

We came across this tweet:

We reached out and asked the Tesla owner to provide more details. He has owned his Tesla Model S since March 2017. Here were his ratings:

How Safe I Felt: 1 Stars 
Reliability: 0.5 Stars 
Ease of Use: 1 Stars 
I'd Recommend this Car to Family or Friends: 0.5 Stars 
Overall Experience: 0.5 Stars

When asked to provide an overview, he responded:

Yes, autopilot 2 is a disaster, the car will get you killed. It cannot maintain lanes, totally worthless and deadly dangerous on non major highways.

More recently, we saw a similar tweet:

It is obvious this is a very frustrated Tesla owner.  As for the accident discussed above, Tesla has not yet issued a statement. If it is confirmed that Autopilot was engaged, hopefully Tesla can take quick action to ensure a similar accident does not occur in the future. Regardless of whether the driver or the vehicle were at fault (or both), luckily in this situation no one was injured.

Check back next Tuesday for another driverless vehicle review!

Image credit: Tesla Motors


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