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Stay ahead of the curve and get the latest news on autopilot

Today is an exciting day for us at Driverless Ratings as we launch our new website. We now have a beautiful way to share applicable news with you, and even more important, there is now a way for you to directly submit reviews from your driverless car experiences.

We are launching these two components first as we are busy at work building profile pages for driverless vehicles and compiling ratings and reviews for those vehicles currently on the road.  We anticipated launching all of this at the same time, but this is an incredibly fast moving industry. We have Teslas utilizing the AutoPilot features all over the world, we have Uber testing driverless vehicles in Pittsburgh, we have GM expanding their autonomous vehicles to New York City and, finally, any day, Waymo will be launching their driverless vehicles to the public.  We don't want to miss any of these experiences so enjoy the news you will find here and feel free to share your experiences on our new site.

Driverless cars will impact all of our lives and we could not be more excited to keep you at the forefront of this change. Together, through the free sharing of information, we can make sure the transition to driverless cars is made as safe as possible. Thanks for your support as we start this incredible journey!


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