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Tesla Autopilot Apparently Not At Fault in Accident

A Minnesota man was involved in a roll-over accident this week. When police took his statement, here is what he initially stated: "when he engaged the autopilot feature that the vehicle suddenly accelerated, causing the car to leave the roadway and overturn."

This is obviously a very serious allegation for one of the leaders in driverless technology. This also coming about a year after a driver was killed in Florida when his Tesla slammed into a trailer.

A statement from Tesla cast doubt on that scenario, saying the company has 

"no reason to believe [the autopilot feature] worked other than as designed."

The man went on to retract his story and asked the deputy to change the report. He stated:

"to the best of my recollection, I had engaged the autopilot system, but then I had disengaged it by stepping on the accelerator. I then remember looking up and seeing the sharp left turn, which I was accelerating into. I believe we started to make the turn, but then felt the car give way and lose its footing."

Tesla's statement responding to the Minnesota crash emphasized that whenever drivers activate the autopilot, 

"They are reminded of their responsibility to remain engaged and to be prepared to take immediate action at all times, and drivers must acknowledge their responsibility to do so before autopilot is enabled."


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