By ThisIsA D on 2017-12-14
In a Tesla Model S 2016 during Single trip
By ThisIsA D
On 2017-12-14
In a Tesla Model S 2016
During a Single trip
  • Ease of use 4.5
  • Safety 5
  • Overall 5
  • Reliability 4
  • Recommendation 5

Overall Experience

Autopilot 1 was incredible. I drove about 720km that day, using a lot of AP. Although you have to keep overseeing that AP does not mess up, it helped me incredibly by reducing the amount of micromanaging, constant high alertness, stress, fatigue I would have normally encountered driving in European dense city and highway traffic. It really keeps the lane better than me already, giving me a much safer feeling driving for hours in dense traffic. Heavy commuter infused city-highways and traffic jams become a breeze. I cannot wait for my Model3 to arrive! Looking forward to a minimal emission, quiet, electric future with self driving cars.



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