By Dan T on 2017-12-20
during Single trip on 2017-12-20
By Dan T
On 2017-12-20
During a Single trip
On 2017-12-20
  • Ease of use 0.5
  • Safety 1
  • Overall 0.5
  • Reliability 1
  • Recommendation 1

Overall Experience

Three times in the past two weeks I have been behind a self-driving Uber as it went to turn from Pittsburgh's East Ohio Street to 16th Street. All three times, the Uber entered the bike lane as if it was a turning lane and drove down it a bit before stopping at the traffic light (when red) then turning. This is extremely unsafe and potentially dangerous to cyclists!


I was not driving in the Uber, I was actually driving behind it in my vehicle all three times this happened. See below for details.

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