By Scott H on 2022-02-04
In a Tesla 3 2019 operated by Me during Multiple trips
By Scott H
On 2022-02-04
In a Tesla 3 2019
Operated by Me
During Multiple trips
  • Ease of use 5
  • Safety 3
  • Overall 4
  • Reliability 2.5
  • Recommendation 4

Overall Experience

FSD Beta is truly amazing. Cameras only navigating you through the world. It’s also amazing to see the progress build-by-build. It really does get smoother and more confident as time goes on. My biggest issue with it right now is how much it hesitates on unprotected turns. It will be very clearly wide open and the car just sits there. I’m sure that will get better over time. Can’t wait to hop in the back of a Tesla and have it drive me to work!


Occasionally. You really do have to be on constant alert, because the car can do the wrong thing at the wrong time. But generally speaking, the car does a good job. You kind of learn when to pay more attention because the car makes the same mistakes in the same situations.

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