By Peter L on 2022-02-06
In a Tesla Model 3 LR RWD 2018 operated by FSD Beta during Multiple trips from 2021-10-24 to 2022-02-05
By Peter L
On 2022-02-06
In a Tesla Model 3 LR RWD 2018
Operated by FSD Beta
During Multiple trips
From 2021-10-24
To 2022-02-05
  • Ease of use 4
  • Safety 4
  • Overall 5
  • Reliability 4
  • Recommendation 5

Overall Experience

I'd say Tesla FSD Beta can handle 90% of what I encounter in the real world. On city streets, you DO need to keep your hands on the wheel, ready to correct wrong choices it makes, while on the highway, it's quite mature. May not be ready for other riders not on board with the FSD Beta mission, of helping the system learn and gain confidence. But still very impressive.


None, though FSD Beta does require hands-on supervision.

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